• Living Enlightenment

    4 - 13 August 2017

    "Liberate, totally Liberate, until the question of Liberation disappears within you. Flow, just flow with the Life. In that flow you and me will disappear. The comparison of your inner and outer world will disappear. Without knowing you will realize, that you are already there.”     Sri Vast

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  • Yoga Weekends

    from May - December

    The contemplative weekend retreats at the 'Center for Evolutionary Consciousness' give you an opportunity to let the outer world rest and the inner silence to evolve.
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  • Inner Yoga Teacher Training

    14 - 27 August 2017

    Exploring the dormant wisdom within, allowing the individual to learn from nature - a new beginning to understanding oneself naturally
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  • Sanctuary

    Tullesbo Slott is an 18th. century Castle and Park. The sanctuary provides a serene atmosphere for meditation and contemplation - a profound space in which to retreat oneself and rediscover the beauty of this life.
  • Yoga & Ecology

    Yoga - a union with life - a union with the ecosystem which we are living in - a union of our body and the planet.
    Our Center provides life enriching educations and courses to rediscover oneself and life on this planet.
  • Meditation

    Meditation is to be lived as a total participation of yourself in every moment of this life.
  • Inner Growth

    Welcome to an experiential living and learning experience, to rediscover yourself and the life on this planet, so that we can experience the wholeness of our own Existence.
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