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Camilla Assarsson at Green World Yoga Sacred Music Festival

Camilla Assarsson

Camilla Assarsson started teaching yoga fourteen years ago and has through the years seen and experienced the therapeutic impact yoga has on the physical body as well as the mind. Camilla is a Kundaliniyoga teacher, yin yoga teacher, teacher in yoga for health and poweryoga instructor. She´s also a bicom bioresonance therapist, and her interest in holistic health led her in to the path of more deeply understanding the fascial network of the body. Knowledge about the fascia, it’s functions in the body and how it needs to be trained to stay healthy, and hence improving health, gives a deeper understanding of what is happening in the body when we practice yoga. Yoga brings unity to the body, mind and soul. If the body is stiff and immobile, then the fascial network of the body is so to, resulting in bodily symptoms like tensions and pain. That leads to mental distractions, away from freedom and the purpose of the soul.

Camilla teaches Faszio yoga flow and faszio ball session at the Festival.