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Permaculture Gardening

Sustainable Farming

The philosophy of Permaculture emphasizes on natural ethics and reverence for all life and aims to work with the nature, rather than against nature - it talks about the human hand enhancing the natural production.

Permaculture design is based on careful observations with nature as our teacher, well-planned designs and a minimum of labor, providing abundance of yield and supporting all habitants of the ecosystem. This is a hands-on introductory course in Permaculture and the philosophy of Permaculture design, emphasizing the beauty and sacredness of life. The course includes theoretical classes as well as practical learning in the gardens as well as in the food preserving production.

This course is a wonderful opportunity to get in contact with Nature, understand the deeper connection between us humans, nature and the divine. Apart from the introduction into Permaculture, we will explore with study circles in the community various perspectives of the gaia philosophy and inquiring into the concepts that living organisms on a planet will affect the nature of their environment in order to make the environment more suitable for life.

The course includes

  • A beautiful invitation to explore your deeper connection with Nature, and the role you play within
  • be introduced through practical demonstrations, visual media and theoretical classes to the philosophy and history of Permacultureconduct analysis of Permaculture Design
  • learn from nature through careful observation of structures, patterns, forms, textures, shapes and cycles of the local ecosystem
  • learn hands-on techniques in the permaculture gardens, for cultivation, harvesting and seeding
  • develop a deeper understanding of the ethics and principles of Permaculture Design
  • get prepared to start your own Permaculture garden

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