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dana roxendal

Dana Roxendal

Heart Dance is a renewed form of sacred circle dance. With short repetitive songs and simple movements and gestures, the ground is laid for deep heart-meetings between participants. The dances and songs are inspired from many different cultures and spiritual traditions.

Dana Roxendal has been an appreciated Heart Dance leader since 2001, working together with his beloved Mariel Roxendal since 2008.

Dana has been a spiritual seeker and been practicing yoga regularly since 1975. Through song-writing and singing with his guitar, he has down through the years eloquently expressed the cry of the heart: first for liberation and then in the ongoing discovery of timeless Presence. His CD For You was released in 2001.

For 11 years starting in 2003, he was director of at most six amateur choirs in Stockholm, Uppsala and Dalarna, (Open Heart Choir and Essence) with a comprehensive repertoire of heart-opening songs. He has written and/or arranged over 90 choral works.