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Govinda Radhakrishnan - Pranayama – the shortcut to peace

Govind Radhakrishnan (IN/DK)

Pranayama is a direct shortcut to the mind which acts as the main creator of all our life-problems.

The problems will disappear if the mind is trained to detach from the body-mind consciousness and re-connect to a deeper layer of universal consciousness. Pranayama is an ancient method to “direct the life energy”. It consists of simple breathing techniques that have been proven to cure diseases, stress and emotional imbalances.

In this workshop you will learn basic breathing techniques and be confident enough to continue a daily practice that for sure will make positive changes in your life. You will also be introduced to deeper layers of pranayama. You will learn how pranayama can be used as an important tool for true meditation to happen and how it connects to the subtle layers of your existence.

Govind Radhakrishnan is an Indian yoga master who has taught spiritual yoga and meditation in India and Europe since 1995. He is known for his compassionate way of sharing spiritual knowledge from the ancient Indian path of yoga. In 2007 he started Santhi Yoga in Denmark with his Danish life partner and since then Govind has been conducting spiritual retreats in Europe and India.