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Kare Langfald

Zen Coaching
Kåre Landfald (NO)

Through Zen Coaching, the Wisdom Of The Heart, Kåre teaches powerful ways to stop running away from ourselves, and accessing the true resources that live within. The class teaches us that it is the heart, or our inner being, which holds the clarity, love and wisdom which is the source of true fulfillment, intelligent action and true contribution. You will also learn the basic principles that are the basis of the Zen Way of Coaching, a deeply transformative approach to coaching and authentic connection.

Kåre Landfald is originally from Norway and has a life-long dedication to inner growth and transformation. He shares tools that combine the inner paths of eastern traditions with the action- and practice oriented coaching approaches of the west. He is the founder of the International Zen Coaching Network, and has trained hundreds of zen coaches worldwide. He offers various coach trainings, workshops in personal growth and leadership training.