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Katerian Kankova 2

Kateřina Kankova

Meditative Yin/Yang Yoga classes – It is meditative style of Hatha Yoga where we work with the subtle energies in our body. We keep the eyes closed most of the time and focusing on the breath and the energy flow. We start more dynamic in the beginning and going deeper during the class by holding the asanas longer time. The class includes physical asanas, pranayama, meditation and the final relaxation. The breath is the anchor to stay present and keep our attention on the physical and energetically body.

Katerina is an internationally experienced Yoga teacher and Therapeutic Yoga consultant. She teaches Meditative Hatha Yoga, Therapeutic yoga, Tantra yoga and Mindfulness meditation and has over 15 years’ experience in the field of holistic healing, yoga and meditation.

Her passion is to study and experience different healing methods. This has led her all over the world - meditating with Buddhist monks, living and practicing Yoga and meditation in India and Thailand and spending many weeks each year in silence in meditation. Her aim is to bring the traditional yoga closer to people so they experience the deep and profound effects and benefits.

To show them the tools, so they can heal themselves.