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Lajla Tröften & Deva Smith at Green World Yoga Festival near Lund

Lajla Tröften (NO) & Deva Smith

Hatha Yoga is a multi-year holistic form of fitness that is medical - it can balance hormones, entire imbalances and improve chronic diseases. Meditative, soft Hatha Yoga fits all, as the movements are adapted to each individual. You get softened muscles, stronger joints, increased balance and presence. Meditative Soft Hatha Yoga provides better blood and lymph circulation, inner rest, deeper breathing and a calmer, more harmonious life.

Dipl. Yoga Asharya Lajla Tröften is Norwegian, born and raised in India, and has practiced Hatha Yoga since 1980. She lives in Stockholm and holds a Masters Degree in Hatha Yoga from Sivananda Dhanvantari Ashrama in India. A very popular teacher and pedagog, she is certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Body Therapist, Dancer and Singer Song Writer. Lajla has also studied psychology, philosophy, flora, natural skin and beauty care, reflexology, aromatherapy, support, healing, art, music, rhythm and poetry. Lajla Tröften is the originator of Body Therapy Intuitive Massage & Meditative Soft Yoga, as well as Tribal Dance Aerobics, and the CEO of Center for Helhet & Hälse in Östervik, Saltsjöbaden.

Lajla is assisted by Deva Smith, a long term Hatha Yoga practitionar and startd her Yoga education in Buenos Aires in 2011 at Valletierra Yoga Center. Deva’s yoga style is soft and very focused on breathing, presence and flow.