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Liza Lilintahl at Green World Yoga Sacred Music Festival

Liza Amrita Lilintahl

Liza Lilintahl is a bhakti yogi, singer and international recording artist whose singing has been described as healing, angelic, transcendental and nectar for the soul. Her kirtans combine southamerican passion and deep longing for God, bringing a fresh and unique approach to kirtan that is groovy, soulful and full of heart!

She enjoys allowing the spirit to sing through her and facilitate a space for healing, heart-opening, celebration, joy and creative expression. Singing mantras for her is like coming back home. It is entering the space of pure love and devotion, openness, expansion and trust.

Originally from Venezuela and based in Bali for the last few years, she has traveled the world extensively offering kirtans, and mantra music for yoga classes.

With 2 albums under her wings, her latest offering “Into The Light”, recorded and produced in Bali by Robert Weber, music coordinator for Bali Spirit Festival, offers a journey of ambient mantra music for deep healing and heart opening that is quickly becoming a favorite to be played during savasana for yoga classes around the world!