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Prana Vinyasa Flow
Todd Grube (US)

This class is for practitioners with an understanding of the basic poses and transitional movements of Vinyasa yoga. The class brings you deeper into the subtle aspects of the basic poses with more dynamic and creative sequences and introduction to pranayama techniques. This class will strengthen your body but also quiet your mind with variations to allow students to practice at their own individual level. The class will also be offering yoga philosophy.

Todd is originally from the United States and Co-founder of the newly opened studio “Yoga Dojo” in Lund. He has practiced Eastern concepts for over 25 years starting at a very young age to practice martial arts.

During his life journey Todd has been trained by many masters diving deep into the studies of various ancient body healing methods, the original Yin yoga, qigong, nada yoga, yang yoga, advanced asana practices, pranayama and bhakti yoga. He is a skilled healer and a yoga and martial art practitioner and sometimes called a Teachers Teacher.